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During the coverage of the Olympics in London, the cost to families of having a child who becomes an Olympic Athlete has received considerable coverage. The struggles Natalie Hawkins, mother of Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas, who sought chapter 13 bankruptcy protection and the mortgage foreclosure...

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Plan to Save Underwater Homes– Eminent Domain

In the last 7 days a considerable amount of chatter has been moving across the blogosphere about a policy proposal being floated in San Bernadino County, California to prevent the foreclosure of thousands of underwater homes in the county. In conjunction with private lender, San Bernardino county is...

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Social Security Disability Application, Build A Foundation

The process to obtain benefits can be a long and challenging adventure even in the best of cases.  A rare medical condition, unique work history, or cracks inside SSA can all lead to your denial of benefits.  This post is the first in a series of posts about the process to obtain benefits and the fo...

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It is 9:00a.m on Friday April 27, 2012 and the present status of fire service in the county significantly below what would be demanded from the citizens.   There is a real and measurable potential for lives to be in danger in the event of a fire, car collision, Haz-Mat incident, tractor accident as ...

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