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Debt Collection


Congress has recognized that consumers are entitled to be protected from illegal debt collection.  Despite enacting the Fair Debt Collections Practices (FDCPA) act in 1978 debt ...

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Info from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

While it may be one of the most hated Agencies in the Federal Government, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has provided some great information that benefits consumers.   The page contains links to information about the Read More

Class Action Lawsuits – Should You Join?

Let’s say a drug you were taking caused a certain type of problem. A serious-looking man appears on TV says that, if you took it, you may be entitled to some money. An 800-number appears and you’re told to call today. Do you call? If you do, what comes next? First, what is a class action suit? A ...

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$2.5 Million Sanction for Unlawful Debt Collection

Last week the Federal Trade Comission announced that Asset Acceptance, a debt collection entity, had agreed to pay a civil penalty of $2.5 Million for its attempt to collect debts that are barred by the statute of limitations.  In Kentucky if you have a debt, that is not is writing the a lawsuit to ...

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