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Monthly Archives: December 16, 2010

Questions Asked of a Foreclosure Attorney

After presenting to the Franklin and Elanor Roosevelt Institute, Attorney Bubba Grimsley of Birmingham, Alabama submitted answers to questions from the FDR  Institute.  As Bubba is a great guy and we a...

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The Voice of Foreclosure Defense in Washington

Professor Adam Levitin of Georgetown University has been outspoken in his criticism of the Too Big to Fail Banks and the way they have handled the process of placing homeowners notes into investment trusts (A process called securitization).  Professor Levitin has made regular and frequent statements...

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Bryan Underwood’s Criminal Law Blog

Wanted to share info about the Blog being Run by Bryan Underwood in Maysville, KY. Bryan's has a blog focusing on criminal cases in Kentucky.  His most recent post is a review of the decision ofRead More