The decision to file bankruptcy is never easy; the process is difficult, overwhelming and intimidating to many. To get the best options and outcomes, you must have a trained, experienced lawyer because every financial decision in bankruptcy requires careful consideration. We have much experience in this arena and can help you through the twists of legal jargon, the maze of confusing laws, and the jungle of complex choices.

Because bankruptcy is about so much more than your money, the attorneys at Kentucky Consumer Law Group meet with you to carefully gather the facts about you and your situation. To start right and avoid future complications, we take the time to advise you about the basics of bankruptcies, discuss your options and make sure you understand what lies ahead.

As bankruptcy lawyers, it is our solemn duty to help you get the straight facts about bankruptcy and erase the myths and misconceptions. We also advise you on common mistakes that delay filing for debt relief – we want to help you get speedy relief and a fair settlement.

The firm’s founder, Brian T. Canupp, has represented hundreds of consumers in bankruptcy cases. In addition, to practical experience, Brian has completed the Max Gardner Bankruptcy Boot Camp. This intensive training program teaches bankruptcy attorneys the skills needed to protect clients at every stage of the bankruptcy process. While optional, this unique training helps us help you with greater insight and efficiency.

Please view the Chapter 7 page or the Chapter 13 page and take a look around. Then please contact us so we can help you put the past behind you.

*The Kentucky Consumer Law Group has the honor of being designated a Debt Relief Agency by the United States Congress. We proudly help people obtain bankruptcy relief.