Have you been injured due to another’s negligence? Call now! The sooner you get our attorneys started on your case, the better your outcome. You face more than recuperation after an accident – you must deal with doctors, the other party’s lawyers, insurance companies, employment issues and other things that can block you and your attempts to get back on your feet. The longer the clock ticks, the harder it becomes. If the negligent party is a major corporation, our attorney’s help is more important than ever as they have huge resources to throw at your case and stonewall your claim efforts.

Calling us now ensures that we handle the people and companies whose job is to limit your compensation. A seasoned, professional attorney from our firm can be the tool that helps you and your family avoid protracted discomfort and aggravation, and get a fair settlement. Because a rapid response is so critical, we will come to you – even if you’re in the hospital – if a visit to our offices is not possible.

Two big questions are, what kind of injury is it and what caused it?

Commercial Truck Collision – catastrophic and life-threatening injuries often occur when trucks collide with cars. Cases are won or lost on the quality of the evidence preserved in the first hours. When you call us, we immediately assign experts to your case to ensure that critical information is gathered and recorded. This step alone can mean the difference in the success of your case.

Motorcycle Collisions – A motorcycle accident injury is more serious that the average driver knows. The more serious the injury the more important it is you obtain an attorney’s advice immediately after your injury.

Defective Products – Injuries of all types result from defective products, poor product design and shoddy manufacturing. These injuries include exposure to lead based paint, defective drugs, and mechanical failures, burns, crushed or broken bones and many, many others. Calling us for personal injury help is important as large companies are very difficult to deal with.

Other Injury Types – This is not an all inclusive list of the types of injury cases handled by our lawyers. If you have suffered injuries of any kind due to the negligence of others it is important that you assert your legal rights as soon as possible. We are proud of the service we have provided clients involved in all kinds of personal injury cases and we look forward to being you.

Please contact the firm at 859-721-1230 or at Info@Canupplaw.com.