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During the coverage of the Olympics in London, the cost to families of having a child who becomes an Olympic Athlete has received considerable coverage. The struggles Natalie Hawkins, mother of Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas, who sought chapter 13 bankruptcy protection and the mortgage foreclosure situ...

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False Document Class Action Filed Against Chase Bank

A story first reported on lawyers.com details a just filled class action against JP Morgan Chase for allegedly filing false documents with Bankruptcy Courts arro...

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Time to File for Bankruptcy? Part I – Don’t Bankrupt Your Health

There’s no “right” time to file because everyone is different, and so is their situation. There are guidelines to help you decide and we’ll talk about them in this and following blog posts. This post is about your health because it’s more important than your money.  Ask yourself these questions: ...

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NYS Court Rules MERS Cannot Assign Right to Foreclose

The NY Court of Appeals has issued an opinion regarding the ability of Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) to Foreclose upon residential property.  While not binding in Kentucky, this decision reflects the legal analysis of MERS that is being used by more and more courts around the nation...

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