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AG’s Deal with Mortgage Servicers Not Great for Consumers

For the last 16 months the major mortgage servicers and the Attorney Generals for all 50 states have been in some form of negotiations regaring a settlemnt of of the mortgage servicer filing false documents with courts arround the country.  Last night an announcement was made that a deal had been re...

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Debt Collector to Pay Texas Man $1.5M in Damages

Last week a Jury in Dallas, Texas made one of the biggest sanctions ever in a case involving abusive debt collections. The jury awarded Allen Jones’ $50,000 in mental anguish damages and $1.5 Million in punitive damages due to the conduct of debt collectors employed by Advanced Call Center Technol...

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Debt Collectors Saying Things You Can’t Repeat to your Grandma?

The present status of the economy is forcing consumers to make tough decisions about how to spend the money they have in hand. Households throughout the nation have fewer dollars to spend due to increases in the costs of daily living, (food, gas, health insurance, medicine). These increases in cos...

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