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During the coverage of the Olympics in London, the cost to families of having a child who becomes an Olympic Athlete has received considerable coverage. The struggles Natalie Hawkins, mother of Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas, who sought chapter 13 bankruptcy protection and the mortgage foreclosure situ...

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Morality of Debt Relief

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Broken System of Debt Collection

If I have heard it once I have heard it a thousand times, “No one will talk to me about working out my debt.” This frustration comes regularly from clients who are facing judgment from a Debt Collection law suit. It had been my thought that until you had money on the table able to pay a lump sum s...

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Haunted by Zombie Debt After Bankruptcy?

The goal of individuals who file bankruptcy is for it to be over as quickly as possible.  In fact, most attorneys who file Consumer Bankruptcies (Chapter 7 and Read More