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Google Maps Foreclsoure Tracking

Barry Ritholz has a link on his blog that used Google Maps to demonstrate the graphic nature of the foreclosure crisis. This is the link to his Blog entry: The Map below is a nationwide overview of the number of foreclosed...

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The Voice of Foreclosure Defense in Washington

Professor Adam Levitin of Georgetown University has been outspoken in his criticism of the Too Big to Fail Banks and the way they have handled the process of placing homeowners notes into investment trusts (A process called securitization).  Professor Levitin has made regular and frequent statements...

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I Declare Bankruptcy

I enjoy watching, “The Office.” Last season when Michael Scott was facing financial problems and Declared Bankruptcy that was one my favorite scenes—an area of law where I practice was mentioned on TV! What Michael does in this clip is similar to the process many Americans go through in decidin...

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