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Class Action Lawsuits – Should You Join?

Let’s say a drug you were taking caused a certain type of problem. A serious-looking man appears on TV says that, if you took it, you may be entitled to some money. An 800-number appears and you’re told to call today. Do you call? If you do, what comes next? First, what is a class action suit? A ...

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An Ounce of Prevention

Filing for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income benefits is an intense process that requires reams of documents and forms, statements from doctors and employers, and sometimes seemingly endless reviews; for a lucky few, it is a “walk in the park.” If your case is complex or the...

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Proud to be a Lawyer

When I started law school in 1997 one of my textbooks was the “The Buffalo Creek Disaster” by Gerald M. Stern.  This book was a paperback about 150 pages and was easily the smallest and cheapest book of the large tomes I had to purchase. But it was also the best. Buffalo Creek is a stream in L...

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