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Google Maps Foreclsoure Tracking

Barry Ritholz has a link on his blog that used Google Maps to demonstrate the graphic nature of the foreclosure crisis. This is the link to his Blog entry: The Map below is a nationwide overview of the number of foreclosed...

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Fannie Mae– Biggest Pig at the Trough

Yesterday Fannie Mae announced they would begin “cracking down” on individuals who decide allow their home to be foreclosed upon despite an ability to make payments.  This tactic  is called“strategic default” and is very common in parts of the county where property values have decreased uncontrollab...

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Federal Trade Comission Seeks Comment

The Federal Trade Commission is seeking comment on a proposed rule change that would only allow for payment of mortgage modification services and mortgage foreclosure defense after successful modification and defense.  This provision would apply to attorneys as well as all other loan modi...

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