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$2.5 Million Sanction for Unlawful Debt Collection

Last week the Federal Trade Comission announced that Asset Acceptance, a debt collection entity, had agreed to pay a civil penalty of $2.5 Million for its attempt to collect debts that are barred by the statute of limitations.  In Kentucky if you have a debt, that is not is writing the a lawsuit to ...

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If you have a debt in Kentucky that is more than 5 years old the debt is too old for you to be sued.  However, a new tactic of debt collectors is to offer you a Credit Card in exchange for putting the old balance on the card.  If a debt collector calls you and suggests that you take out a credit car...

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Debt Collector to Pay Texas Man $1.5M in Damages

Last week a Jury in Dallas, Texas made one of the biggest sanctions ever in a case involving abusive debt collections. The jury awarded Allen Jones’ $50,000 in mental anguish damages and $1.5 Million in punitive damages due to the conduct of debt collectors employed by Advanced Call Center Technol...

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Haunted by Zombie Debt After Bankruptcy?

The goal of individuals who file bankruptcy is for it to be over as quickly as possible.  In fact, most attorneys who file Consumer Bankruptcies (Chapter 7 and Read More