Are you facing a difficult legal or financial situation? Does it feel overwhelming, like a great weight looming over you? We understand that your situation is more than just a lawsuit or legal problem — it’s your life. Take heart because problems that might seem insurmountable are readily conquered when you have good counsel.

People like you come to us every day for help in solving their legal and financial problems. They confidently walk away knowing we can help them get on with their lives again and be happier. I am attorney Brian T. Canupp and I stand with you to take on your battles and help you resolve them.

Because anyone can get into a bad situation, we promise to treat you with care, respect and dignity. No case is “typical” and everyone’s situation is different, so we listen carefully to your situation and examine all the facts. Even though the problems you face are unique, as lawyers and seasoned professionals, we’ve likely heard something similar before and have experience that guides us to your actions. We always do our utmost to fully understand your entire situation and we use advanced legal approaches to exhaust all available options. Our comprehensive approach means you could have options you haven’t considered, or even know existed. Our experience is your assurance of thorough, professional legal help and quality financial advice in your difficult times.

Whether you are dealing with consumer debt, bankruptcy, foreclosure, liens, or need a lawyer’s help in seeking disability benefits, we fight for you and are committed to getting you the best possible outcome. Our clients chose us over lawyers in Central Kentucky including Lexington, Paris, Georgetown, Versailles, Frankfort, Richmond, Winchester, Cynthiana & Carlisle. You can easily find lawyers in these towns, but none take a more personal interest in you than we do, or who tackle your problems more aggressively.

Please take some time and explore our website. There are many valuable pieces of information to help you in evaluating your next steps; in addition, you’ll find out more about Brian and how he can help you. If you have questions, please call our office at the number listed below. If you need an attorney or have a lawyer pursuing you, we hope you will consider calling us for a consultation.

Brian T. Canupp, PSC has been recognized by the United States Congress as a “Debt Relief Agency”. When appropriate we help our clients file Bankruptcy.


Areas of Practice


The decision to file bankruptcy is never easy; the process is difficult, overwhelming and intimidating to many. To get the best options and outcomes, you must have a trained, experienced lawyer becaus...

Social Security Disability

Dealing with the Social Security Administration (SSA) is daunting and can make you feel like David to their Goliath. If so, let us be your rock and sling. We are dedicated to handling claims for Socia...

Disability Law

Whether your disability is life-long or the result of an accident, medical negligence, military service or any other cause, the attorneys at Canupp Law work hard to ensure that you have the full measu...

Personal Injury

Have you been injured due to another’s negligence? Call now! The sooner you get our attorneys started on your case, the better your outcome. You face more than recuperation after an accident – you mus...


Defending Homeowners Facing Foreclosure throughout Kentucky The threat of losing one’s home due to overwhelming debt is a horrible feeling. If you are a Kentucky homeowner facing foreclosure, you m...

Fair Debt Collection

Truth, Fairness, Dignity and Respect: That’s the Law. Are you being harassed by debt collectors? Not just called, but called excessively and treated in a way you believe is rude or inappropriate? Y...