Man's arm coming out of water reaching for a life perserver.

File Bankruptcy and get Paid?

For over 15 years, Canupp Law has helped clients get a fresh start by Filing Bankruptcy.  It is a great feeling to help a family get a fresh start and be able to plan for a secure future.

In some cases “WE HAND YOU A CHECK.”

We represent our clients when their rights have been violated by creditors and debt collectors.  This aggressive representation makes it possible for us to collect damages for our clients when big business violates your rights.

Just this week we resolved a case and they will receive checks for more than three times what they paid our firm.  While this DOES NOT happen in every case, it happens and we are the firm to keep big business from ignoring your rights.

Finding an bankruptcy attorney who makes money for clients is really does happen!  Give me a call or click the “FREE CONSULTATION” button above for a review of your case.


Stop Drowning in Debt