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Where’s your Hall Pass Senator?

              The steady drumbeat of bad political news coming out of Frankfort has become entirely too familiar.  The majority of members of the General Assembly have engaged in a non-stop denial of rights to the working people of Ke...

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File Bankruptcy and get Paid?

For over 15 years, Canupp Law has helped clients get a fresh start by Filing Bankruptcy.  It is a great feeling to help a family get a fresh start and be able to plan for a secure future. In some cases "WE HAND YOU A CHECK." We represent our clients when their rights have been violated by cred...

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Beginning now through Friday September 1, 2017, Canupp Law will be accepting donations of supplies to assist those inundated with flood waters along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  We are accepting the following items at the office located at 322 Main Street, in Paris, Kentucky.

Miller v. Davis– Plaintiff’s Motion to Compel

Today counsel for the Plaintiff's, who have been denied a marriage license for the fifth time, filed a motion to hold Kim Davis, Rowan Co. Clerk in contempt.  A link to the filed motion is below. [caption id="attachment_950" align="alignleft" width="150"] Read More