2010– The Year of Independence

As 2010 comes to an end many of us take time to review the past year and resolve to make changes for the New Year. In 2010 I resolve to help as many people as possible get free from stress and aggravation of financial problems. It is clearer now than ever before that the American economy has become dependent on all of us being in debt.

Due to the debt we have, most of us no longer go to work to build a future for our children and grandchildren, we go to work to be able to make payments to creditors. We have mortgages that will never be fully paid off, car loans that end when the vehicle is scrap metal and enough credit card debt to build school houses in third world countries. The time has come for this to stop!

In 2010 it is of the essence that each and every American stand up and assert themselves against the rising tide of debt and aggravation. The only option for help is not Bankruptcy. If you are facing foreclosure you have legal rights that can be asserted to allow you to keep your home.

If you are behind on your credit cards or have had a vehicle repossessed and the debt collector abuse is pushing you to the edge that is illegal and we can make it stop.

Should you have enormous medical debt or have lost a job and can make you payments it may be appropriate to look at your bankruptcy options.

The most important thing to know is that you have OPTIONS. There is not a one size fits all approach to recovery.

Enjoy the New Year and please contact me when you are ready to have your “Independence Day.”