Dealing with the Social Security Administration (SSA) is daunting and can make you feel like David to their Goliath. If so, let us be your rock and sling. We are dedicated to handling claims for Social Security Disability (SSD) insurance and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims and appeals. We are committed to fighting for all the benefits you deserve.

Perhaps you have a debilitating condition that is not physical — there may still be Social Security Disability benefits that our lawyers can help you claim. Mental disorder claims almost require an attorney’s help because proving the disability can be far more difficult. Coordinating the many tests and reports from a variety of medical specialists, and then putting them in a claim that Social Security finds acceptable is a big job with many “twists and turn.” Our office is experienced in these types of cases and giving us a call for help might well mean a more successful outcome for you.

Obtainging Social Security Disability or SSI benefits is a process of “jumping through hoops.”  We have years of experience in determining the most efficient method of getting you throgh those hoops and you obtaining the beneifts you need.  Disabiity Benefits are based upon having a sever medical impariment which just means you have a diagnosed medical condition.  Click the Medical Conditions link to review some of the most frequent grounds for disability.

Beyond the type of disability you have, the government has more claims than ever, meaning that a properly prepared claim is more important than ever. With more “baby boomers” and unemployed people applying, the government is struggling to keep up with the pace. With our help, your claim has a much better chance of being accepted more quickly.

By now, you might be wondering how we can help you. Here are two important ways:

  • We are there with you from your first filing right through your claim approvals, and then keep on standing by you to ensure that, as SSA regulations change, you are fairly compensated. Some law firms handling claims for SSD and SSI benefits only take clients who have already had their initial application denied — we’re quite different. While we certainly help people that have been denied, we help clients file their initial applications. Applying for SSD and SSI is complex and confusing and, when we help you from the very beginning, the outcome is always better.
  • We take a no nonsense approach. When we handle a case, we focus on doing two things: First, we win your case as quickly as possible. Second, we strategically and thoughtfully lay the groundwork for a successful appeal should your disability claim be denied. Our attorneys have years of working on benefits claims inside the Social Security system. This gives you a distinct advantage when it comes to claiming disability benefits. We know that our strategic thinking gives you every opportunity for success available.

As a firm, we handle Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims at every administrative level for people throughout Kentucky. Recently we have been included in a select group of attorneys around the nation that are able to work with disability files directly on the Social Security Administration Server. This access allows us to work in real time with the exact same records as the Social Security Administration.

Are you a veteran? In addition to Veterans Administration Disability Benefits you may also be eligible for Social Secuirty Disability and/or SSI Benefits.  Navigating the complex web of VA Administration and Social Security regulations can be even more daunting than for those in civilian life. We stand ready to serve those who have so valiantly served their country at a time when help is more important than ever when returning to civilian life. We would be honored to assist you with your claims.

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