Have you Seen this Man? Albert Gary Mitchell


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This blog article is to ask you for your help.  Those of you who live in Bourbon County are likely to have heard about Albert Gary Mitchell (A.G.) and his disappearance on August 26, 2004.  Since that day in August, no one has seen or heard from Gary Mitchell.


AG Mitchell was a long time fixture in the Central Kentucky Horse community.  He was a regular at horse sales, swap meets, Court Days in Mt. Sterling, and at the stock yards in Richmond, Paris, and Lexington.   Gary was a Vietnam Veteran and was proud of his service to the country.  He regularly was treated at the VA Hospital in Lexington.

In the best sense of the term AG was a “Horse Trader.”  He had the uncanny ability to buy an item for a discount and sell it for a premium.  This talent did not allow AG to have many close friends.  However, AG Mitchell, developed a very close relationship with is daughters, Billie Curtis and Bobbi Lacy.  Gary had his daughters living with him on many occasions and was a stabilizing force in both of their lives.

August 2004

In August 2004 A.G. was the victim of an assault that occurred at his home on College Road in North Middletown, Kentucky.  He was struck in his head and required dozens of stitches to sew him up.  Alan Pierce was charged with the Assault in Bourbon Circuit Court.  He entered a plea agreement with the Commonwealth to the charge of Assault 4th degree.  This amendment was due in part to A.G. Mitchell not being available to testify.  No one has ever been charged in relation to Gary’s disappearance.

Then on August 26, 2004 AG disappeared, never to be heard from again.

A search was conducted of his farm on College Road and his disappearance was broad cast on local television.  To date, there had been no contact of any kind between Albert Gary Mitchell and his family.

Gary’s Children and Grandchildren Need Help

For over 5 years Gary’s daughters, Bobbie and Billie have been without their dad.  His grandchildren have been without their grandfather.  This loss has been difficult for his daughters to deal with.  In the last 4 months Billie had experience a severe health crisis which has been life threatening.  Bobbie has had made regrettable decisions and is currently in jail.  Given the type of relationship the girls had with their father logic dictates that they no longer have the guiding hand of their father to keep them safe and away from trouble.

While it is hoped that Billie is able to make a full recovery, she has a long road ahead of her.  In writing this post it is my hope that someone who reads this post will be able to provide information to allow the family to know what has happened to Gary and to ensure his final rest if he is deceased.

At present, the investigation is being led by Mark Matthews, Bourbon County Sheriff.

If anyone has information regarding AG and his whereabouts you can contact any of the following:

Bluegrass Crime Stoppers         859-253-2020                         www.bluegrasscrimestoppers.com

Bourbon County Sheriff            859-987-2130                         www.bourbonsheriff.org

Kentucky State Police                859-428-1212                         https://kentuckystatepolice.org/

Find AG Mitchell Email                                                                 findgarymitchell@gmail.com

An informational flyer is also available by clicking .   Any information you have may be information that would allow Gary Mitchell to rest in peace and to allow his family to know he is not a peace.