Perserverance in America– Wilmington Ohio

Last night Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes returned to Wilmington Ohio for another visit to this community which has been hit very hard by the recent Recession. (Wilmington is about an hour north of Cincinnati and used host the Bengals Training Camp before they came to Georgetown.)

Earlier this year DHL closed its facility in Wilmington. DHL employed thousands of people from in and around Wilmington. DHL took over operations in the 1990’s after the Air Force closed a base there.

While the former employees are having more and more difficulty financially they have developed a resolve to maintain the integrity of the community. The people interviewed in Wilmington reminded me of the people in Carlisle, Kentucky after Jockey Industries closed down in the 1990 and into 2003. The community has come together to share what it has and is doing its level best to take care of everyone.

Familites, neighborhoods, towns and cities throughout America are having a very difficult time maintaining their integrity due to a lack of money and resources. While there can be no doubt the people of Wilmington and Carlisle would perfer to have factories and steady employment– the people make them great places to survive economic.