When Life Hands you Lemons

Today I received a link to a video titled “Lemonade.” (The link to Lemonade is at the bottom of the page.)  “Lemonade is an on line film that includes the stories of advertising professionals who have been recently laid-off from their jobs.  These individuals took the experience of being laid-off and turned it into a springboard to make their lives better.

The money and benefits may not be the same as they were on Madison Avenue—but the fact these people are doing work that makes them happy is a richness money can not buy.

Some of the best situations in which I have been involved have been assisting small businesses get off the ground.  The primary stress of being laid-off is the lack of income.  In order to get an endeavor off the ground it is necessary to focus all your resources possible on the business including income.

It is odd to see how being laid-off can be turned into an opportunity to start over—and do work you are passionate about.

y passion is to assist people in getting peace of mind.  To allow people use the law Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Foreclosure Defense, and/or Bankruptcy to take control of their money so they can begin to work toward the future.

Don’t let problems with you finances keep you from your dreams.  Call me.  We can work together to realize your goals and dreams.