Linda Tirelli Fighting on Behalf of Homeowners

Why Aren’t Bankers Going to Jail?

Almost 4 years have passed and the bankers and managers who set the stage for economic collapse have yet to be prosecuted by the states or the Feds. As featured in a Reuters Story on last week,  the burden is being lifted by lawyers and judges in bankruptcy and foreclosure courts around the nation. At the same time Attorney General Holder and the majority state AG’s have done nothing to protect the rule of law.

Linda Tirelli is the consumer advocate (lawyer) featured in the Reuters story. With no doubt Linda’s success in protecting homeowners is remarkable, however those documents in the story aren’t flukes but a regular part of foreclosure paperwork

As an aside Linda is a leader in NY protecting her clients from foreclosures that do not have the evidence to meet the burden of proof.  Linda is a great friend an colleague.  To read more about Linda click here.

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